Tradition Meets Modernity

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We believe in raising our customers’ wellness culture of wellness from inside out through fusing traditional techniques and advanced technology to deliver long-lasting results to their beauty, health and well-being. Not only that, our customer will enjoy a wellness-themed dessert and tea at our wellness bar after the treatment session!

Heart Springs Wellness Philosophy


To raise our wellness for a better lifestyle!

With our skilful techniques and advance technology that delivers with long-lasting result – beauty, health and build healthy self-confidence!


To be born

The wellness of modernity involves health and well-being together!

What does. Meaning: it can be right? and Bar!

The Wellness-themed dessert innovations!
With various types of dessert & wellness tea just RIGHT for you at our wellness BAR!

Starts your wellness journey with us today!

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About creating and integrating a wellness lifestyle

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